Serve on board Doulos Hope with an international crew of around 150 volunteers from many different countries.

We are looking for a qualified nurse to provide on board medical care and treatment for crew & guests under the direction of the ship's physician.


What are the requirements (skills/competences) for this role?

  • You have previous work experience in a Hospital or Doctor's practice

You have studied/completed an apprenticeship in...

  • Nursing
  • You are willing to practice communication with people & Doctors
  • Be part of the Emergency duty
  • You are proactive and you like to organize yourself and work independently

If you receive applications/inquiries the following basic information can be send to those people as well:
What will be your tasks and responsibilities in this role?

  • You are responsible for...
  • Running the clinic together with the Medical Officer
  • Emergency situations, Documentation/Patient records
  • Monthly maintenance and First aid kits check
  • Drug inventory
  • Making the clinic safe for sailing and putting out seasick medication to service desk
  • Cleaning (Sterilising used instruments, Floor, Surfaces, Rooms etc...)
  • You are the one who….
  • Keeps the vaccination cards up to date for each crew member
  • Gives vaccinations
  • Helps with Insurance claims
  • Is part of the Control team and on call duty medical staff
  • You coordinate the duty medical schedule for each month
  • You need to be confident, willing to serve and gentle as a medical staff.
Start date
February 2023
Length of Commitment
1-2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Ships, Working Professional

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