We are looking for someone to oversee all aspects of Short-term missions in OM Canada including the processing and sending of individuals and groups.


Role jobs and responsibilities:
Oversee all aspects of an applicant going to the field:
Core activities:
1. Respond quickly to any inquiries about STM
2.Lead the application process in a way that is appropriate to the individual/family going
3.Assessing the applicants' suitability for the OM field they want to join
4.Maintain good communication between sending field and applicant (as needed)
5.Provide coaching for the applicant on funds, spiritual and logistical preparation
6.Communicate acceptance or refusal of potential recruits' applications to foreign fields
7.Facilitate the training of applicants in areas of OM core values, pre-field preparation, security issues, cross-cultural awareness, etc.

Organize and file all applications and information:
Core activities:
1.Maintain personnel records (electronic, paper, OpenPetra, etc.) in a manner compliant with relevant data protection and human resource management law according to OM's code of good practice.
2.Provide feedback to People Services Director regarding necessary changes to forms and documents

Preparation and Care:
Ensure the preparation of participants before and after their STM.
Core activities:
1.Send preparatory books and relevant information
2.Arrange call before participants leaves to pray and encourage them
3.Arrange debrief call upon return from the trip
4.Assist in matters of crisis management as necessary

Connecting and building with rapport with other OM fields.
Core activities:
1.Ensure good on-going communication between sending and receiving fields
2.Facilitate on-going communication link between the field and the ExOMer (as appropriate).

Tracking and reporting statistics related to STMs.
Core activities:
1.Track trends in inquiries, applications,
2.Report field statistics to the People Services Director

Minimum preferred requirement:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to the Core Values of OM
  • Experience in OM, participation in short-term missions

Required knowledge:

  • Ability to interact professionally with individuals, groups and church and demonstrate good judgment.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Strong administrative skills and self-motivated with the ability to set priorities and manage multiple tasks under supervision.
  • Ability to make time sensitive decisions
  • Deal with changes or crises in a calm and appropriate manner
  • Ability to network and build rapport

Technical competencies:

  • Able to use appropriate software used in OM for communication and data collection
  • Knowledge of Microsoft programs

Working Relationships:

  • Director of People Services
  • People Services Department
  • Other OM fields
  • Churches
  • Group and individual applicants


  • Remotely or based at the OM Canada office in Port Colborne

This is role support based meaning that the candidate would need to raise a portion of their employment and salary costs.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
As long as possible
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Caring for people, Administration, Working Professional

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