SportsLink wants to see athletes and coaches, local churches and communities make the most of sports through sharing Christ in relational and relevant ways. Since our ministries are funded by donations from individuals, churches and businesses, we need someone with strong financial management skills to help us provide accountability for the funds we receive. Could you be just the person we need to fill this vital role? Join with us to steward our resources and make a difference for Christ.



1. Budgeting: draft annual budget; manage expenditures; approve claims and expenses
2. Reporting: finance and project reports; Annual Report; financial position of Sportslink (SPLK) ministries report
3. Processes and procedures: set up systems and procedures to track and monitor funds; manage corporate credit card/s and troubleshoot finance issues as needed
4. Manage Sportslink Key Ministry Plans (KMPs): oversee provision of IT equipment and IT support for SPLK staff as required; manage SPLK databases 
5. Facilitate personnel and people services when required: manage and oversee SPLK KMPs; provide reports for KMPs; help SPLK director set up Financial Development (FD) proposals 
6. Represent Sportslink in relevant finance forums and discussions


1. This is a support-raising position. All staff secure their own funding by private donations.
2. Familiarity with and experience of Financial Management 
3. Able to operate the necessary OM Office systems like Caleb, etc. 
4. Familiarity with Microsoft TEAMs, Excel and other related products
5. Apply and write proposals when needed.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
2-3 Years
Full or part time
Part Time
Remote Working Possible
Sports, Finance, Working Professional, Athletes, Kids, Youth & Students, Marginalised Peoples, People Of Other Faiths

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