Did you know God is an artist? In 2020, a collection of artists from South Africa decided to retell the stories of least-reached people groups - God's created masterpieces, through art of their own.

Women in Kenya

Zani Stoffberg is a South African artist who gathers art inspiration from the various people she meets during mission trips and the daily encounters from the children she helps disciple. The painting depicts the lives of the women the artist walked with in Kenya. Through Christ they have freedom and they are clothed in strength and dignity. The artist is proclaiming a blessing over them and the message they carry in their communities.

Size: 40x57cm
Media: Acrylic on paper

Orphan Boys in Mozambique

This piece was inspired by a visit in 2014 when Zani connected with an orphanage in Mozambique. Colorful faces reflect their joy, vibrant culture and bright future thanks to the care of the orphanage staff. Read more about the work of OM in Mozambique by clicking on button below.

Size: 40x59cm
Media: Fine art print of the original on canvas

Stories from Mozambique

Basotho Shepherd

Basotho Shepherd is painted by Lenka Knoetze, a Slovak national, living in South Africa with her husband and a cat. Her passion is making important stories and information attractive by using visual art. Basotho Shepherd portrays a least-reached people group in The Kingdom of Lesotho. Shepherds spend most of their time hired to tend to flocks of sheep up in the snowy mountaintops, above 3000m. Find out more about their life, plight and what OM does to reach them with the love of Jesus by clicking below.

Size: 70x50cm
Media: Acrylics on canvas

Life in Lesotho

Nepalese woman working in a field

Nepalese woman working in a field is a look into the realities of life in Nepal, focused on the plight of women particularly. To find out more about the work of OM in Nepal, click on the button below.

Size: 60x50xm
Medium: Acrylics on canvas

More on Nepal

Zanzibar Seascape

This piece was created by Sharon Offord, a South African national based in East London with a special passion for landscapes and seascapes - this time taking the viewer to the coast of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a tropical island off the coast of Tanzania. Once the hub for slave trade to the Arabian Peninsula, Zanzibar is still heavily influenced by Arabic culture and Islam. Get inspired by a story of two Tanzanian  believers, loving local people whatever the cost, by clicking on the button below.

Size: 42x59cm
Media: Oil on canvas (unmounted)


Reaching Zanzibar

Eyes to Open

Portrait of a muslim woman by Erica Bourn, a South African national, was inspired by the Bible verse in Isaiah 42:7 "to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness."(NIV) Join us in praying this verse over Muslim people and find out more about OM's work with these religious people groups, following the button below.

Size: 34x25.5cm
Medium: Watercolor on paper

OM's Muslim Ministry

New Teritorries

New Teritorries by Janna Prinsloo

The artist integrates her local landscape - the Cape Fynbos - with an Asian aspect by painting on fabric printed with Chinese characters. Suggested in the title and painting, is the artist's own exploration of new territories, heart for different people groups, travels to foreign nations, and is influenced by the people, culture, and landscape. A figure in the foreground is humbly prostrated in a typical posture of prayer. Above him three figures are painted “in the air”, suggesting they are the subject of the prayer.

“New Territories” expresses the heart of OM on different levels. To mention a few: a heart for prayer, specifically nations falling in the 10/40 window; going to different nations to represent God to people who don’t know Him; releasing the kingdom of God. Find out more about China and opportunities to get involved in the work of OM in this country, visit the link below.

Size: 60x70x4.5cm
Medium: oil on professionaly stretched chinese printed fabric

OM in China

The Resurgence

Mixed Media by Lou Ann Young

Lou Ann is a Canadian artist, living in South Africa. She desccribes the heart behind The Resurgence as follows:
At the heart of it all, the reason and motive for everything we are and do is the gospel of Jesus Christ. His life death and resurrection gives life value meaning, structure and purpose. He is at the centre of our lives reviving regenerating and renewing us moment by moment. And our quest is to fulfil the command He gave to His Disciples before He left this earth and before He returns again! He alone holds the keys! He alone brings about the Resurgence in human hearts! But He has chosen us…

“How can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about His Word? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?” (Romans 10:14 NLT)

In preparing for this, I learned that there are almost 400,000 deaf people in Algeria who do not know about Jesus. For them, it is especially difficult because of their deafness. This is close to my heart as I know sign language and have worked with the deaf. I am trusting the Lord will give us a way to reach them wit His message of life giving hope and salvation. Learn more about Algeria clicking on the button below.

Size: Framed and ready to hang: 54 x 47cm
Medium: Mixed media collage on handmade paper


More about Algeria