Share God’s love with the friendly people of Austria: a country famous for its culture, music, and arts. Its political stability and material prosperity also draw many refugees and migrants seeking hope and a better life.


Share the love of God practically

Share God’s love using your skills and passions to get to know people locally. You can help immigrants with cultural integration; help build bridges between followers of Jesus and immigrants. Share God’s redemptive love using music and conversation to connect with and invest in the lives of adults and children. Use creative means to help people see that there is hope and meaning in life – there are many ways in which you, together with a network of local organisations, can enrich those living here in the heart of Europe towards an eternal future.

It is estimated that nine million people live in Austria.  However, few have the opportunity to meet someone who authentically follows Jesus, and thousands have yet to hear that God loves them personally.   By discipling new believers and helping them form new communities of Jesus followers where none currently exist, Austrians can grow in awareness of God's love, both nationally and globally. 


Jesus followers in Austria

Austria is a traditionally Catholic country. Today, around 62 per cent of the population identify as Catholic. A growing six per cent adhere to Islam, whilst 20 per cent attest to ‘no faith’.  The Austrian Free Church movement is still young but growing, currently representing point five per cent of the total population. Societal changes and state recognition since 2013 bring new possibilities for seekers. Many Austrians do not expect to find meaningful answers for the big questions in life from ‘church’ and look to ‘New Age’ philosophy for meaning and inner peace.   

As a Jesus follower, you can share love through relationships, in your personal testimony and how God has changed your life. You may be the first Jesus follower a local person meets. We love to see people join us with a heart for Jesus and willingness to get involved with Austria: the people, the language, and both national and immigrant cultures.

One of our teams is the Building Bridges team, who reaches out to share God’s love with immigrants, many from Muslim background. “We want them to know they can have a personal relationship with Him, integrate into Austrian society and be involved with a local church. We want them to meet people in Austria who do not primarily see them as refugees but as friends.”

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Austria.

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