Share God’s love with the people of this vibrant, lively ethnically diverse nation in 21st century Bolivia. Engage with youth through social media, encourage cross-cultural networking, and motivate participation in what God is doing globally.


Sharing the love of God practically

Bolivia’s 11 million people are eager to benefit from increasing, recent national stability. Poverty and inequality, the highest in Latin America, separate society. Farmers harvest cocoa leaf, despite some illegal usage. Gas deposits produce wealth for some. The nation’s lack of access to good public education, clean water and long-life expectancy is an ongoing challenge. Many Bolivians seek professional employment overseas – taking their skills and values with them into the international workplace.

By supporting families through practical workshops, or helping children with homework, a local network of believers together lives out God’s love in their own communities.  By sharing God’s love with young people to help them make wise decisions, many opportunities can arise in Bolivia for everyone’s future, both nationally and globally.

“There is a growing digital generation who relate in [digital] communities where they share their hearts,” said a team member. “As those under 25 experience 25 per cent unemployment, there are huge economic challenges for them in the current climate. By supporting them in life choices and values through the difficulties, they discover God’s reliability.”


Jesus followers in Bolivia

Officially, there is religious freedom in this country. Official figures state that 92 per cent of the population are Christian. 48 different people groups are represented in Bolivia, with thousands yet to hear of God’s love for the first time. Catholicism has a big influence on government and society.  Many international groups work alongside national believers, both in the cities and rural areas.

Come to Cochabamba, Central Bolivia’s fourth largest city of over one million people, known as ‘The Garden City’ for its pleasant temperature. Share the love of God with its many young people - by talking - even in basic Spanish! 70 per cent of the nation are city-dwellers, where international workers can live alongside national Jesus followers, building, inspiring and motivating others, through sharing their personal journey of faith.

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Bolivia.

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