Share God’s love with the hospitable, friendly people of Costa Rica, where agriculture, technology and tourism have resulted in a high-income economy alongside longstanding national poverty levels.  Help meet community needs through construction projects, teach life-enhancing skills like carpentry, bakery and computing, or hike to remote areas to bring medical and essential supplies to indigenous people.


Sharing the love of God practically


Costa Rica’s five million people are a nation of great diversity. Its location draws migrants from Asia and the Middle East, with differing religions to Costa Rica. The most popular of these is Buddhism, due to a growing Chinese community of 40,000. However, many migrants are unskilled seasonal labourers, entering and remaining illegally.


“Costa Ricans find it easy to relate well in other cultures as a powerful, culturally relevant witness of the God’s grace in many locations where His message of reconciliation is non-existent,” said a team leader. “We help believers in Jesus to appreciate the diversity of God’s world and those who worship in mosques and temples in practical ways.”


Jesus followers in Costa Rica


Officially, there is religious freedom in the country.  Figures state that 95 per cent of the nation are Christian, historically mainly Roman Catholic, with thousands yet to hear the Good News of Jesus for the first time. The growing Chinese community of 40,000 has brought Buddhism; other migrant faiths include Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. Pastors receive minimal incomes to be able to give adequate pastoral care. Young followers of Jesus need discipling in a deep personal relationship with God to reach out to others who do not yet know Him.  Local church fellowships may then be encouraged to send workers into other parts of the world as visible expressions of God’s love.


Come to the capital city, San Jose, teeming with one million relational people. The majority language is Spanish, with English also used, so you will be able to converse with English speakers or try your fledgling Spanish!


We would love to welcome people who want to make an impact in people's lives locally and globally and can commit to our vision. We try to blend the strengths and abilities of national and international workers through Godly partnerships into one strategic alliance serving the whole fellowship of believers.  Any international worker can live alongside national Jesus followers: you do not need specialist skills, just a willingness to live and share your own personal journey of faith.


Whether you come for a long, or short time, or join us remotely; or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Costa Rica.

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