Share God’s love in this war-torn, politically divided land of over forty million people, with its deep divisions between the 35 different people groups.

Iraq’s history reaches all the way back to the Cradle of Civilisation. A writing system, math, calendars, a law code—all of these began here. A few centuries later, a man named Abraham obeyed the command of God to travel to a faraway land.

Today, the country of ancient Babylon and Nineveh is most well-known for its oil exports. Though hit badly by the wars of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the vibrant Iraqi culture and rich community focus remains strong.

Sharing the love of God in Iraq

God’s plan for Iraq is a community of Jesus followers within reach of every person.  

Iraqis need to be invited to discover more about God from the Bible in their heart language—Arabic. This is, perhaps, the greatest gift of love that disciples of Jesus are giving in Iraq, as God’s Word is the power of God to speak into hearts and lives. Such an invitation to discover God in the Bible with trusted family and friends might be the key to seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers in Iraq.

Making real friendships, and revealing the real personality of Jesus, takes time. The harvest is plentiful for those willing to invest in the culture and develop relationships with those ready to discover Jesus. The ability to communicate effectively in Arabic is essential—and worth the effort.


Iraqi Jesus followers

Around ninety-six per cent of those living in Iraq are Muslim. There are few local believers in Jesus, and opportunity to share God’s love is everywhere, from the local souks to the town squares. The relational culture gives openness to conversation with everyone, even foreigners, and the warm hospitality means gatherings over meals or cups of Arabic coffee will only deepen those relationships.


Iraq’s story is far from over. God is at work there, and He is using believers committed to sharing Him throughout the land. Whether you commit to pray, invest in lives through financial support, or go long-term, there are opportunities for you to be part of the story.


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