Share God’s love with the people of this vibrant, ethnically diverse nation in 21st century Mexico. Engage with the local church to reach out to the youth, ethnic people groups, refugees, and other vulnerable people groups. Encourage cross-cultural networking and motivate participation in what God is doing globally.


Sharing the love of God practically

Mexico’s 130 million people are ethnically and regionally very diverse. There are sharp socioeconomic divisions within its population. Mexico is the country with the largest indigenous population and the greatest number of languages spoken in the American continent. Some of the main challenges are linked to low wages, drug trafficking and corruption.

The country is very rich in natural resources, flora and fauna, and culture and traditions. However, many regions still suffer marginalization, extreme poverty, insecurity, and violence.

Mexico is experiencing a vast rise of refugees from Central and South America, as well as Haiti, crossing the country to seek refuge in the USA. Many of these people remain in Mexico and will need support. 

By investing time, talent, and resources in establishing vibrant communities of Jesus followers in Mexico, many will be touched and transformed. For when the Bible touches and transforms a person, it spreads.


Jesus followers in Mexico

Officially, there is religious freedom in this country. Official figures state that over 95 per cent of the population are Christian. 342 different people groups are represented in Mexico, with almost a million yet to hear of God’s love for the first time. Many international groups work alongside national believers, both in the cities and rural areas.

Come and visit Mexico, experience its culture and diversity, meet the local church, work alongside national Jesus followers – talking even in basic Spanish – and be part of what God is doing. Join the team discipling the youth or be part of starting our OM Office in Querétaro, a beautiful international city in the middle of Mexico. Come and help mobilize the church towards the least reached in Mexico and beyond.

In Mexico, when churches closed during Covid 19, pastors saw the importance of supporting believers to live for God even if they couldn’t go to church. “Even during the pandemic, we have been able to provide virtual training with courses like Xplore, Rumbo and Zumé,” said one leader. “We can also support far-away churches working alongside refugees.”

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Mexico.

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