Share God’s love with the people of this volatile, deeply ethnically-divided nation in 21st century Peru. Engage with youth, encourage cross-cultural networking, and motivate participation in what God is doing globally.


Sharing the love of God practically

Peru’s 33 million people are eager to benefit from national stability.  After years of political instability, over 50% of the population still live in poverty, and 20% in extreme poverty. Racial injustices have produced oppression and migration. Earthquakes, floods and volcanic activity, together with high poverty and income inequality, combine to challenge the country’s economy. Natural minerals, fishing and silver and copper production has brought migrant workers seeking jobs and a better life. Equally, many Peruvians seek professional employment overseas – taking their skills and values with them into the international workplace.

Sharing God’s love with young people enables some to see there are opportunities in Peru for everyone’s future, both nationally and globally. Many poor children drop out of school to help support their families. About a quarter to a third of Peruvian children between 6-14 work at hazardous mining or construction sites. A staggering one quarter of the nation’s population are under 15.

“40 per cent of pupils’ parents [in one school alone] are involved with drug trafficking and violence. At least one parent per household is in prison,” said a team leader. “The children's mindset seems to have already accepted that, by the age of 17, they will be in jail too. By supporting them in life choices and values through the difficulties, they discover God’s reliability.”


Jesus followers in Peru

Officially, there is religious freedom in this country. Official figures state that 94 per cent of the population are Christian. 104 different people groups are represented in Peru, with thousands yet to hear of God’s love for the first time. Catholicism has a big influence on government and society.  Many international groups work alongside national believers, both in the cities and rural areas.

Come to the capital city of Lima, teeming with its population of eleven million, much of it made up by young people and share the love of God - by talking - even in basic Spanish! 78 per cent of the nation are city-dwellers, where international workers can live alongside national Jesus followers, building, inspiring and motivating others, through sharing their personal journey of faith.

Whether you come for a long, or short time, or whether you pray, or invest in lives through financial support, there are many ways for you to share God’s love with the people in Peru.

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