This small island off the southern tip of India has been known by many nicknames: Ceylon, Serendib, Island of Dharma, Teardrop of India, Pearl of the Orient. Each one illustrates why it has captured the hearts of visitors over the centuries with its tropical beauty. Sadly, this tiny island has also suffered from long years of ethnic conflict making it a nation divided by culture, language and religion.

Buddhism is the major religion, with smaller minorities of Hindus and Muslims.

Evangelical Christians in Sri Lanka are less than 1% of the population but this small minority has an inspiring love for the Lord and His people.

Minister in churches there, bringing encouragement and teaching to your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Enrich the lives of street children from the beaches of Colombo. Work alongside others providing education, food, medical care and LOVE.

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To be working in the country of his birth is coming “full circle” for George. “I want to help people who are suffering,” he explained. “I want to do my best in helping them to know about Jesus.”

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