Finance Development Manager

Stimulating, guiding, giving advice and training for effective financial development in the field

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Fishers of men

Along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, new Jesus followers were not content to keep the good news to themselves. Instead, they started to share with neighbouring areas.

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Farm Manager

Kansuli Farm is a sustainable project of OM Lake Tanganyika. It is a means of assisting local missionaries as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ, funding local ministries and the farm is an access path to sharing the gospel to nearby communities

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Ministry Centre Maintenance Person (AIDSLink Zambia)

Maintenance, plumbing, handy-man

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AIDSLink Zambia Ministry Team Leadership

Make plans and decisions; strategize, organizing ministry if needed, give direction and suggestions in ministry

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Finance Person

Make requisition for funds monthly, scan to keep record and surrender receipts of expenses in the finance office

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Tutors in Communities (AIDSLink)

Education, community work, vulnerable

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Tutoring Program Overseer / Coordinator (AIDSLink)

1. Oversee the running of the program, making sure things are in place and program is in good shape

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Administration and Communication Co-Ordinator (AIDSLink)

medical aim, community, vulnerable

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Chief Finance Officer: Zambia

To support the Zambia leadership team and the Area Chief Financial Officer with regards to the oversight of financial operations within Zambia and to provide accountability and integrity.

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