To partner with our local artist and his ministry in:

  • facilitating an annual, collaborative worship evening,
  • the development of local young dancers in their technique,
  • to demonstrate to and help these young dancers envision their own ability to use dance in worship and witness.

Dance Outreach and worship night in partnership with our alliance artist and his ministry.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Sat 16 Sep 2023 to Sun 24 Sep 2023
Apply by
Sun 18 Jun 2023
686.00 USD
18 - 50
Ministry details

The local evangelical church and Catholic church annually partner together to present an evening of worship in their town, Čapljina (a city of 5-6,000 people.) In previous years there has been a hunger to continue into the night in worship and a great openness to different kinds of worship. Our artist would like to expand on this to include dance this year. He would also like us to involve a local girl’s dance club/studio bringing workshops, and possibly having the join us on the night of the worship evening.

Participant profile

All short-term project team participants will be expected to participate in pre-trip training/preparation.
Participants should be well trained in at least 1 style of dance, preferably with some contemporary or ballet background and be comfortable leading or assisting in dance workshops, teaching choreography, and performing.

Roles needed:
Team Leader (should also be a dancer)


Local accommodation


Special diet is possible if you cook for yourself; for meals out at a restaurant they are not possible. Purchasing of groceries and meals for yourself will be included in the total cost of the project.


Arrive Saturday September 16th, 2023 to Split, Croatia or Sarajevo, Bosnia (SJJ) (train details to/from Sarajevo to Čapljina can be provided if using the alternate airport.)


Participants should be in general good health, able to dance and move in hot weather


generally a visa is not required, but please check for your specific country


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