Christmas comes early!

written by Julie Knox

A community library has received an early Christmas present, thanks to Logos Hope.

In contrast to the world’s largest floating library, the facility in Saint George’s consists of two cosy rooms. Most of its stock is second-hand, supplied by islanders who donate books after their children have grown up.

The library’s operations manager, Michelle Warren, was delighted to visit the book ship to choose 250 brand new books, which were then presented to her library as a donation.

“The children who use the library will love these!” Michelle exclaimed. “As they’re mostly between the ages of 3 and 11, they love books with pictures and colour,” she explained.

Handing over the books in front of the Grenadian media was an exciting experience for Abby Williams (Australia).

“It was a bit daunting to be interviewed by several TV stations, but exciting, too,” said Abby. “It feels like it’s something we do so often — donating books to libraries — but it was a big deal here.” Abby continued, “They told us all about how it’s more than a library: it’s helping the community and the staff want to empower the young people to reach beyond what they’ve grown up in.”

“These new books will go a long way in helping the library,” confirmed Michelle. “While we appreciate the second-hand books we get, they don’t last as long as new ones. Now we’ve got a lot of hardcover titles so they’ll be more durable, too.”

The books made it onto the shelves in time for the children to borrow some new reading material for their Christmas holidays.

Saint George's, Grenada :: Abby Williams (Australia) and Alex Knipp (USA) bring boxes of books to donate to a library.

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