Sharing God's love through literacy

written by OM International

In partnership with a church in the north of Paris, team members of OM in France and members of the church provide literacy classes for immigrant women twice a week. Louise*, the Literacy Classes Leader, shares about the ministry.

“Our main objective with these classes is to share the love of God through these classes, Bible stories and the relationships we build with the ladies. We want them to know that they are of great value in the eyes of God.

"We provide teachers with books and curriculum for them to prepare their lessons easily. Our students are from various countries and cultural backgrounds (including some unreached people groups from North Africa, Central Africa and Central Asia), ages (between 20 and 60), education levels (some have their Masters from their home country and others have never been to school). Some have come to France in search of 'a better life' while others are here as political refugees. Despite their differences, they have something in common: the desire to improve their level of French, while enjoying a convivial environment.

"At the end of the class, over tea and mini-cakes, we take time to get to know them, to help them with administrative tasks or to discuss Bible stories. Some of the ladies even invite us to their homes and these visits allow us to have deeper conversations and to share our faith. These visits bear fruit: some have come to faith during these meetings–and in class as well.

"Thank you for praying for these ladies and that they come with a heart open to His Word. Please pray that God may give the teachers wisdom to disciple our new sisters – and prayers for more teachers would be appreciated as well!"

*name changed

Church in a tiny room in a tiny town in Central France. The region of Cantal is open to tourists and cheese fanatics, yet struggles to open its arms to Christianity.

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