"God works with everyone and anyone"

How did you get into missions?

I was introduced to missions when I was still a little girl. I met a couple that moved to South Africa as missionaries. They came from the lovely country of Switzerland. They started a children’s bible club in our township. Once a week I would go and attend the club. Then we got to know each other even more to a point where I asked what they were doing in South Africa. Then I heard the word missionary for the first time ever.

What is your missions experience?

I have had a lot of humbling experiences while serving God in missions. One of them was when I was on a ship called Logos Hope. There, I was able to meet thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life. Some were very excited about Jesus and some had not yet heard about Jesus. That, for me, was one of my greatest missions experiences.

How do you deal with cross-culture?

I love cross-cultural settings. Because I got to learn that I do not know everything and that my way of doing things is not always the only way to do things. I managed to make friends from all across the globe. And none of our cultures rule but Jesus’.

What is one thing you will always remember from this experience?

God works with everyone and anyone. It doesn’t matter what your back group is or what your skills and talents are. If we come as we are, He is willing to let us be part of His movement of saving the world.

If somebody wants to join OM, what words of advice do you have for them?

Firstly, do not come to join OM but to join God’s team. OMers are the most normal people you can imagine. Come be part of an amazing family. Expect to always be out of your comfort zone.