"What a pleasure to win souls!"

How did you get into missions?

My mother was very instrumental to my missions’ journey. It was her recommendation to join OM South Africa starting with the Missions Discipleship Training. I guess she saw the calling in me, long before I recognized it. The bible says “The purposes of a personʼs heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” Proverbs 

What is your mission experience?

By Gods grace I have had the privilege of traveling to many countries for the sake of the gospel. I marvel and how God has not changed his mind about soul winning. As the bible says “He who wins soul is wise”. My greatest experience is in missions is to see God use my broken and restored soul to be catalyst for restoring other broken souls to him. What a pleasure to win souls!!!

How do you deal with cross-culture?

Through out the history of missions even from the scripture missionaries are very vocal about their faith in Christ. Very eager to share their story. However I believe in modern missions to be successful and able penetrate to other cultures, we will need to Listen first. Listening to the laughter, cries and stories of the people in the cultures I have interacted with has helped me make friends and bring hope. Go with the attitude to Listen and learn will bring you beautiful platforms share.

Please share one story from ministry/mission field that influenced you most.

It was in England, Oakham when we had a small OM team come to our Church. It was decided that the team will participate in a prayer walk around our predominantly British neighborhood. After a seemingly monotonous prayer walk, few team members expressed their concerned as they debriefed the team leader. “ What a dry and weary prayer walk” they said. Nonetheless two weeks later a elderly Brit around 60 years old came to our church for the very first time. I was able to welcome him at church. Curious and excited at the same time I asked him, “ why did you feel the nudge to come to church today after all these years?” With a great despair and lack of hope he replied “ Few weeks ago a postman as he was delivering Post to my friends’ apartment who was of similar age. The postman could smell the aroma of a dead person, only to discover that my friend was found dead” I could see tears in his eyes as he continues to express himself “ Today I decided to come to church because I do not want to die alone like my friend, I want to die with good comfort in God” 

What is one thing you will always remember from this experience?

Many people are dying alone in Europe and all around the world. Dying without the hope of Jesus. Therefore I conclude God is willing to use our small efforts of mission work to draw people back to him. Never to despise the little work we put into save souls. God is ready at all times to redeem sinners. 

If someone wants to join OM, what words of advice do you have for them?

Be ready to be showed with the love of God, sprinkled with hope for the nations and watered with grace for people. In OM you will learn it all, to be annoyed and to annoy, to be challenged in all aspects. However if your engine is not fueled by grace and forgiveness, I doubt if you will excel in you missions journey.